ABC’s Of Friendship

A lways be honest. Would you want THEM to lie to you?

B e there when they need you … Or you may wind up alone.

C heer them on. We all need encouragement now and then.

D on’t look for their faults … Even if you think you have none.

E ncourage their dreams. What would we be without them?

F orgive them. You just MAY do something wrong sometime.

G et together often. Misery loves company, so does joy.

H ave faith in them. The human animal is remarkable.

I nclude them. You may need to be included sometime.

J ust be there when they need you.

K now when they need a hug. Couldn’t you use one too?

L ove them unconditionally. That is the ONLY condition.

M ake them feel special … Because aren’t we ALL special?

N ever forget them. Who wants to feel forgotten?

O ffer to help and know when "No thanks" is just politeness.

P raise them honestly and openly.

Q uietly disagree. Noisy "NO’s" make enemies.

R eally listen. A friendly ear is a soothing balm.

S ay you’re sorry. Don’t let them assume it.

T alk frequently. Communication is important.

U se good judgment.

V erbalize your feelings!

W ish them luck … hopefully good!

X -amine your motives before you "help" out.

Y our words count. Use them wisely.

Z ip your lips when told a secret.

By following these ABC’s as often as you are able,
you SHOULD live a LONG and "friend-filled" life

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    Kiitos käynnistä !


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